Thursday, July 2, 2009

A New Project

This is my own little creating corner of the world (formerly known as my daughter's bedroom. There are some advantages to the empty nest!)

It has been another beautiful day here in sunny Saskatoon. I wonder if it was humid enough to cook up an exciting thunderstorm for tonight? We shall see...

Yesterday my husband and I spent a quiet Canada Day appreciating the many great things about our country. I took some time to browse through some quilting magazines, plotting and planning the next project. We went out for Chinese food for supper with my mother-in-law, who is affectionately known as Mama C. She has recently moved into a seniors' apartment and, as one of the youngest residents, at 70, she loves to regale us with stories about the 'old folks' in the building. Today I woke up bright and early to the sound of the robins chirping outside our window. What a happy sound! I finally made a decision about the next project I want to tackle..another quilt. This will be number 2 for me! My initial plan is to make it for my daughter's friend who has moved 18 hours away from home. Stephie is a tomboy with a little bit of girl thrown into the mix. Her favorite colors are pink and brown. So I was searching for a pattern that was not too 'fussy' and not too 'girlie' and was (hopefully) within my skill range. In the February, 2009 issue of Quilter's World I found a pattern for "Corporal's Stripes". Although it is designed for a man I think with some softer colors and a bit of a soft feminine swirl in some of the fabrics it could be just right for Stephie. However, depending on how it turns out I may keep it for myself.

This is the pattern I have selected for Stephie's quilt along with the three fabrics. They don't show up very clearly but are actually quite nice--soft, and 'girlie' without being too fussy.

And this, dear friends, is a picture of the 'blue thingies' that I made for Emma a couple of weeks ago. She wore them, along with the little blue skirt and more make-up than one girl should wear, to a dance party she went to. They were apparently quite a hit with all of the girls.

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  1. Hi Denise.
    Your daughter's "blue thingies" are really quite interesting.
    I like the color.
    Take care...Helen