Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Stripes and More Stripes

Piles and piles of stripes--first you sew them together, then you cut them apart and then you sew them together again. What a crazy activity but it sure is fun!
Teeny's tractor
Teeny's truck
A bare glimpse of Teeny's junkyard--it went on for rows and rows
Along the road we stopped at this old farmyard-the history this house could tell!
A view of the North Saskatchewan River which runs north of Saskatoon and joins with the South Saskatchewan Riiver about 100 miles north of this location
The days seem to go by awfully quickly but for the most part they are full and satisfying. This past weekend my husband and I went on a couple of day trips around our city. We love to hop in the car with our cameras and head out into the countryside with no particular destination in mind. On Saturday we followed a route on the west side of the North Saskatchewan river and while exploring we came upon a historic settlement from the early days of our province. The people who settled this site had been driven from Russia as a result of religious persecution and, with the financial help of Leo Tolstoy, they travelled to Saskatchewan and built a new life. This particular site showed several of the dugout homes they lived in when they first came to Canada. It was incredible to see these little 'caves' and believe that entire families lived there through the brutal Saskatchewan winter. Unfortunately for us, pictures weren't allowed. They did, however, tempt us with fresh bread and tarts to sample! Yummy! On Sunday we went a totally different direction, following the South Saskatchewan River and we came upon a lovely town of about 350 people. This town was home to a HUGE old vehicle graveyard. While we were busy taking pictures of some of the relics, the owner, "Teeny Zimmer", came and asked us to come up to the shed when we were done. He had something to show us! And boy, did he ever! He had his own personal historic museum complete with a restored truck and tractor, as well as hundreds of license plates and oodles of other treasures. Best of all, he was a natural born story teller! What a delightful way to spend an afternoon. Although I doubt that Teeny reads blogs "Thanks" just the same.
Anyway, what else have I been up to. Let's see...on Monday I cried my entire way through the movie version of "My Sister's Keep". My daughter and I spent a lovely couple of hours at the movie theatre and we weren't disappointed Although, having read the book, I must admit I was surprised by the movie ending. Today my husband and I went out for a delicious supper to celebrate. What were we celebrating? We were celebrating life! Three years ago today I suffered a cardiac arrest and was placed on life support. My husband and daughter were not given much hope for my survival. But thanks to God, great doctors and a lot of prayers I am here to tell about it. And I try to remember to offer thanks each and every day.
As far as quilting goes, Colonel's Stripes is coming along, slowly but surely as evidenced by the accompanying pictures. (which are in no particular order because I haven't quite the knack of that process yeT!)

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  1. Hi Denise, is "My Sister's Keep" based on the book "The Memory Keeper's Daughter"? I read this book and was told that the movie is coming out in 2009...
    Love the pictures on your blog of the old farm, and that awesome red truck - how cute is that?