Saturday, April 7, 2012

Precious Pinwheels Flimsy

It has been a busy couple of weeks in my little corner of the worldIn September of 2011, I made a two year commitment to our parish and agreed to participate in a spiritual formation program.  This involves a 'retreat' once a month for two years.  I use the word retreat rather loosely because in fact there is very little retreat time.  During the weekend we generally have about 15 hours of guest lectures, some small and large group discussion time,  large group prayer time, small group prayer time and once in awhile they let us have time to eat and go to the bathroom!  I just completed weekend # 8 and I have to say that I am loving our time together.  It is exhausting and uplifting all at the same time.  We are growing spiritually and in relationship with one another.  One of the young couples participating in the program are expecting their first baby in June and it is for them that Precious Pinwheels is being made.  During some subtle questioning last weekend I learned that they have decorated the baby room in a jungle theme with lots of green and purple.  I hope they like the quilt we are giving them.  Now that I see the finished product I wish I had chosen something different for the outside border.  However, learning to put fabrics together is all part of the process and maybe next time I'll be more satisfied with the results.  I do like the way the rest of the quilt turned out.  I'm even quite proud of my pinwheels!  Now I will baste it and then do some straight line quilting of some sort.  I haven't learned how to do free motion quilting yet so I have to stay fairly conservative in the actual quilting of the project.

Here's a close-up of one of the pinwheels. 

As well as working on this project I also put the borders on one of our Peacemaker's group projects.  It is a comfort quilt made entirely from donated scraps.  I'll share a picture of it tomorrow after I take some pictures.

May you all have a blessed and Happy Easter!


  1. I'm sure the recipients will love that bright cheerful quilt.Good job with the pinwheels! As far as straight line quilting goes, I think it is highly underrated. I think you can do quite a lot with straight lines.