Thursday, March 22, 2012

Movin' On

Thanks for listening to my last rant...and thanks for the good advice.  Until I can connect with someone who can show me what I am doing wrong I have set aside my Lone Star and decided to move on.  I guess that makes me a real quilter....I now have one WIP and one UFO and I'm going to start a new project.  Wow....three things on the go at the same time.  I'm not sure how I'll manage (hee hee)!

So a young couple that I know is due to have their first baby in June and I am going to make a baby quilt for them.  Because I don't know whether it is a boy or girl, my fabrics have to be rather non gender specific.  And I asked their mom/mother-in-law if they would prefer light pastels or bright colors and she said definately bright colors.  So here's what I have chosen.  My dear husband says it looks rather Eastery).  I guess he's right but we'll see what it looks like when it all comes together.  That's the exciting part about making a new something isn't it?

This is the fabric.  The yellow flannel on the bottom will be the backing.

And this is the pattern.  It is called Pinwheel Princess and is in the July/August 2010 issue of McCall's Quilting.  Since mine won't necessarily be for a 'princess' I may have to come up with a new name.

In other news...I am excitedly looking forward to going to one of our local sewing stores, Creative House, on Saturday where Monika Kinner-Whalen of  '' will be hosting a demonstration.  Check out her blog....the things that lady produces are absolutely phenomenal! (Sorry, I don't know how to do links yet but at least you have her address)

As for a weather update...who can keep up...we have gone from spring to winter to spring to fallish weather all in the past three days!


  1. Those are great colors Denise. I bet the recipients will be thrilled to get such a treasure.

    I am sure husband meant 'Looks Eastery' in the most positive manner. Bright and cheery!

  2. I like the fabrics you have there. They'll make a really fun quilt. I'm sure it will be soothing to work on, then you'll be ready to tackle that Lone Star again. It will be lovely when you wrestle it into submission some day!

  3. I love that fabric selection! It's going to be a cute quilt :-)

  4. Such beautiful fabrics! What a sweet gift. I'm sure they'll love this.
    I checked out Monika's blog. Wow, you're right, so many gorgeous things!
    How did the demonstration go? Sounds fun.