Saturday, June 13, 2009

A New Beginning

Several weeks ago I discovered the world of 'quilters who blog'. This discovery followed closely on the heels of my entrance into the world of quilting. About two years ago I suffered a massive heart attack and, although I tried to return to my beloved position as an elementary school principal, I was eventually placed on permanent disability. Time weighed heavily on my hands and I felt lost, purposeless and downright miserable. One day early this spring my dear husband pulled into the parking lot of our local quilting store, dragged me inside and signed me up for a "Learn to Quilt" class. The rest is history! I think I may have been a quilter in a previous lieftime, although I didn't bring any of my skills forward with me. I fell passionately in love with everything about quilting.....the fabrics, the sewing, the creatvie process, the books, the magazines, the gadgets, oh yes and did I mention the fabrics! Before I had finished our class project, a sampler quilt, I was completely and totally hooked. So.....for the past few weeks I have been snooping around the world of quilters who blog and tonight I decided it was time to quit being a wallflower and join the dance. Over the next while I will be learning how to set up my blog site, how to add pictures and how to make this site look even half as amazing as some of those I have been visiting. I welcome any comments, suggestions, ideas, or helpful hints that you may have.

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  1. Congratulations on your new blog Denise. I hope that we will see some of your finished works as you learn the ins and outs of blog posting.

    I also hope that you will attract many followers and develop a nice community right here to share your quilting adventures.

    Best regards,