Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Holy smokes, I'm pretty excited. Someone visited my blog! Thanks Helen! I know my blog is nothing too exciting yet and it certainly isn't at all like some of the lovely ones I have been following but I am hoping you'll be patient with me. It is summertime here in Saskatchewan and, as I've said before, it's pretty hard to stay indoors when the weather is so nice for such a short length of time. Therefore, I am not finding, or making, a whole lot of time to learn how to take and upload pictures or how to add all the interesting things that I see on other blogs. Maybe I should have decided to become a blogger in November! Today I put together the front and back of the bag I am working on. I also made a trip to the local fabric store to discover what fusible fleece is and to buy a chunk of it (isn't that a nice sewing measurement--'a chunk')! Pictures will come soon. Tomorrow I am going on a day trip to visit an elderly auntie of mine who lives in a neighboring province (about 4 hours away) so it will probably be a couple of days before I rest and rccover and get back to blogging.

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  1. Hi Denise.
    Your blog looks just fine to me. I find it very interesting to read. I'm new to this stuff, too and have a lot to learn. Just take it step by step. I think that is called "trial and error". I like your fabric choices ffor your bag. Very nice.
    Take care...Helen