Thursday, March 15, 2012


Oh, I am so frustrated right now I could scream!  I have been working and working on my Lone Star and I simply can't get the triangles and squares for the background set in properly.  When I get the point of the Y seam to lie flat then the rest of the piece is wavy.  When I get the background piece to lie flat the point is lumpy bumpy.  I have watchted so many videos and read so many instructions but I just can't seem to 'get it'.  This is why I call myself a newbie.  I wish I could take a class or have an experienced quilting friend I could call on.  Oh well, for now the Lone Star is going to be folded and put into the closet as a UFO.  I give up.   Perhaps someday I will give it another try but not right now.  I am too frustrated.   And I have been spending so much time on it I don't even have any pictures of other projects to share. That's my rant. Thanks for listening!


  1. Denise! Talk to Jen at Periwinkle...she's taught several classes on lone stars and is very good at them!

  2. ohhhh I'm sorry you are so frustrated. It is hard when we put our heart into something and what we are making bites back. I agree with the last person... get real live help from someone who thinks they are easy. : ) GOod advice!

    See you Saturday! And please say hi and tell me "I'm Denise". I"m looking at your teeny profile pic too learn your face, but it's hard to see what you look like. ; )


  3. Can I say you are a brave lady for doing a lone star. Hope it works out in the end Cheers Pauline